Nutz Currency

Nutz are the currency of our Twitch channel Sillyand Strange?.

Current Contest: Merchandise designs. 1st place is rewarded 10,000 Nutz! 2nd place is rewarded 5,000 Nutz. 3rd place is rewarded 1,000 Nutz! We need designs that are relevant to The Treehouse! These include designs that will go on Shirts, Hoodies, and Cups!

What are Nutz used for?

1. Bankheists - You can use them to enter bankheists by typing “!bankheist x” in the chat. (X is the amount that you would like to bet.)

2. Drag Races - If a mod or the streamer starts a race, then you can bet on the winner, top 2, or top 3. You can enter it by typing “!dragrace type x y.” Type is what type of win you want to bet on (win, top2, top3 are the choices.) X is the amount of Nutz you want to bet and y is the car you think will win (1-8.)

3. Arena - Just like the drag races, an Arena needs to be started by a mod or the streamer. You can join on the arena by typing “!joinarena x.” X is how many Nutz you want to bet.

4. Raffles - Sometimes we will have raffles in the channel. This could be over a game giveaway (You must be following the channel and enter the raffle to qualify) or it may be to name a character in a game, or make a decision regarding a game being played.

5. Server Entry - Sometimes we rent a server and play games on it. To be one of the first in line for the server, Nutz can be used to purchase a spot. This way we give something back to the loyal community by letting them game with us!

6. Song Requests - When song requests are turned on, Nutz can be used to requests songs to be played on the channel. Songs can be skipped if the streamer feels like they are racist or demeaning in any way. To request songs type “!requestsong x” in the chat. The X is where you would put the end of a You Tube? song link which usually begins with “v=.” DO NOT POST THE ENTIRE URL. Only the end of the URL after the “v=.”

	Request Cost:

	Viewers: 20 Nutz.
	VIP Bronze: 6 Nutz.
	VIP Silver: 4 Nutz.
	VIP Gold:  2 Nutz.

How do I gain more Nutz?

1. Being active - Being in the channel and active in chat is the best way to gain more Nutz. If you were active in chat in the last 20 minutes, you’ll gain 1 every 5 minutes.

2. Late from Break - If I am late coming back from my break and the timer says “Aww Nutz!” then a bonus of 100 Nutz is added to everyone in the channel/

3. Contests - Sometimes we hold contests for things like new art for our Merchandise, or ideas for certain things like Minigames. If you win the contests, Nutz are awarded. The amount is determined by the streamer during the contest.

4. Minigames - If you enter minigames and win, you will gain more Nutz, like a gambling system.

5. Raids - Whenever we get raided by someone, we spin the Treehouse Wheel O’ Fate. A chance of winning 200 or 1000 Nutz is possible!